Christmas at Krusmølle

A Christmas adventure since 1986

A Magical Celebration from Fall Break to Dec 23rd

Christmas at Krusmølle is more than just a Christmas market – it’s a true celebration of the Christmas spirit, a tradition for more than 40 years. We invite you into a world of magic and joy, where every moment is filled with traditions and unforgettable experiences.

We welcome you to our event where you can meet our proud reindeer and enjoy our delicious homemade apple slices and mulled wine. While exploring our beautifully decorated premises, you can also discover our impressive 2000 square meter store where you’ll find everything from unique decorations to gifts that will delight your loved ones. Let our dedicated team help you find the perfect Christmas gift or simply share a smiling conversation.

Admission 35,- / Children under 12 free
Season pass for two 90,-
Homemade apple slices
Krusmølle mulled wine
Santa's reindeer
Open every day 10.00-18.00

Hjemmelaver kæmpeæbleskiver på Krusmølle

Your Christmas paradise
in the idyllic South Jutland

In our café we present an extensive selection of local and international delicacies. Our dedicated staff are always ready to guide you through the optimal combination for your seasonal lunch or for a special coffee drink that goes perfectly with our handmade South Jutland pastries.
Jul på Krusmølle

Christmas Shop & Exhibition

Discover more than 2000 square meters of Christmas shop and exhibition where you can explore a true Christmas paradise. Our large store is filled with everything your heart desires in Christmas decorations, gifts and enchanting Christmas items. Take time to walk around and be inspired by our beautifully displayed items that will awaken the inner Christmas enthusiast in anyone

Reindeer from Finland

Rudolf & Rudolf is a fixture at Christmas at Krusmølle
They come all the way from the North Pole and land with us in mid-November.
Santa will pick them up again on d. December 23rd
Jul på Krusmølle
Jul på Krusmølle

Homemade apple slices

Every morning, while the city is still enveloped in the quiet calm of the early morning hours, we start preparing the day’s apple slices in our kitchen. We believe in the value of handmade food, which is why we start from scratch every day to ensure you and your family can enjoy freshly made æbleskiver. Our apple slices aren’t just ordinary apple slices; they’re huge and perfectly golden, with a soft and fluffy crumb that melts in your mouth.


We warmly welcome coaches to join us. All we ask is that you please let us know before your arrival so we can ensure you have the best possible experience.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot receive buses on weekends due to our capacity limitations.

Jul på Krusmølle
Jul på Krusmølle

A world of Christmas & adventure

As early as January, we start attending trade fairs all over Europe to select the finest Christmas products for your home. Our range includes an excellent mix of foreign goods and unique Danish manufacturers. Many of the Danish products we offer have a rich cultural background, which we appreciate. With us, you’re guaranteed to find something unique for your living room.

Christmas plate

During the cozy Christmas season, our kitchen invites you to experience the classic Christmas atmosphere with our specially selected Christmas platter. We have carefully curated a delicious variety of Christmas salads, tender duck meat and other carefully selected complementary delicacies designed to enrich your culinary Christmas experience.

Julefrokost på Krusmølle

Are you looking for the perfect venue for this year’s Christmas party? Krusmølle offers an idyllic setting where tradition and coziness meet, so you can celebrate your Christmas party in the heart of nature.

Krusmølle, located in the beautiful South Danish countryside, is known for its charming atmosphere and exquisite culinary experiences. Surrounded by picturesque views, our rustic venue is the ideal place to gather colleagues, friends or family for a memorable evening.


Experience Unique Christmas Magic at Krusmølle - A Highlight among Christmas Markets in Denmark

As Christmas approaches, Denmark is transformed into a true winter wonderland, filled with hygge, warmth and traditions. Especially in Southern Jutland, where Christmas markets bring history, culture and festivities together to create some of the most atmospheric experiences in the country. In the middle of this Christmas adventure you’ll find Krusmølle, a jewel among Christmas markets in Denmark that offers unique Christmas experiences.

Christmas at Krusmølle - Your Destination for Christmas Fun in Southern Jutland

Krusmølle is not just a place; it’s an experience that captures the essence of Christmas in Southern Jutland. Our Christmas market is known for its authentic atmosphere that combines tradition with modern coziness and togetherness. Here’s what makes Christmas at Krusmølle a must-see destination:

A South Jutland Christmas adventure

Authentic Christmas Market: Explore stalls with handmade Christmas decorations, local culinary delights and handicrafts that perfectly capture the South Jutland Christmas spirit.

Gourmet Christmas food: Enjoy an extraordinary Christmas menu with local ingredients and the best of the season that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

Family Friendly Activities: With activities designed to excite children and adults alike, Krusmølle is the ideal place for family outings during the Christmas season.

Christmas Concerts and Entertainment: Enjoy atmospheric music and entertainment to brighten up the dark winter nights.

A Tribute to Christmas Markets in Denmark and Southern Jutland

Denmark is famous for its Christmas markets, and Southern Jutland stands out with its deep roots in Christmas traditions and local crafts. By visiting Krusmølle, you’ll not only get the classic Christmas market experience, but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture and history.

Plan Your Visit

Prepare for an unforgettable Christmas experience by planning your visit to Krusmølle in the heart of Southern Jutland. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas event, a magical day with the family, or simply want to experience Christmas markets in Denmark at their best, Krusmølle is the perfect choice.