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Family run since 1982

Krusmølle had the first guests in 1982

Take a journey through the history of Krusmølle – the old grain mill that today is the heart of our family-run business. Located in picturesque surroundings near Aabenraa, Krusmølle was founded by Nina & Henrik Loff in 1982 and has since been a symbol of hospitality and quality.

Today, the old grain mill is run by the 3rd generation, Christian and Cathrine, who continue the family legacy with passion and commitment. Our goal is still the same: to create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

“Although we are not located in the middle of a tourist center, our dedication to quality and coziness has made us a sought-after destination. We are proud of our long history and look forward to continuing to share our traditions with you.”

Welcome to Krusmølle – where the past meets the present and the history of hospitality lives on.

Ejerne af Krusmølle
Historien bag
Bryllupsdag på Krusmølle

run today by the 3rd generation

Krusmølle has a proud history stretching back to the 16th century, when it was founded by Duke Hans the Elder (1521-1580). Over the centuries, the mill has been a central gathering point for the local community, owned by various nobles and later the king.

The old grain mill was run by a miller who served a regular clientele of farmers and smallholders in the Duchy of Schleswig. Over the years, the mill’s activities expanded, including a roller mill and even a distillery.

Despite challenges such as fires and technological changes, Krusmølle remained a symbol of perseverance and adaptability. Around 1912, a power station was installed on the mill building, and later the mill activity was scaled down with the advent of electric power.

In 1972, the mill pond and mill building were subdivided from the agricultural property. This historic property was given new life when it was acquired in 1986 by Nina and Henrik Loff, who have since worked hard to preserve and develop Krusmølles heritage.

Today, Krusmølle remains a beloved place, run by the 3rd generation, Christian and Cathrine, who stand by the family’s commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for our guests

Events & parties

Discover the story of Krusmølle and our transformation into a premium event venue over the years. Founded as a corn mill in the 16th century, Krusmølle has evolved into an iconic venue for unforgettable parties and events.

Over the years, we have perfected our ability to organize events for both small and large groups, from intimate gatherings to grand parties for up to 500 guests. With our experienced team and extensive facilities, we can handle everything from cooking to tent pitching and extensive planning.