Activities to make your event unique

Teambuilding and activities in South Jutland idyll

Discover the charm of Southern Jutland through unique team building activities that combine learning and fun in one of Denmark’s most picturesque areas. In Southern Jutland, with its rich history and breathtaking nature, there is the perfect setting for an extra special experience. We create unique experiences that create memories for life. All activities can be booked as extras for your party.

3 games on the farm
Segway in areas
Off-road gocart
Food courses
Special package offer for day event
From 5 - 100 people

We customize your day

We specialize in creating unique experiences. We provide an all-inclusive service package that includes everything from planning and equipment to professional instructors. Our extensive experience in organizing team activities for large groups guarantees a smooth and unforgettable event for all participants.

3 match // fergonson

  • A classic song at Krusmølle
  • Tractor ring rides on Fergonson from 1953
  • Classic South Jutland boot toss in true farmhouse atmosphere
  • Forks throw with a pitchfork
  • We set up a beautiful setup in our scenic surroundings

Price: 3000,- (up to 20 people)

500,- for every additional 10 guests

3-kamp på Krusmølle

Segwag // pro instructor

  • Professional operator arrives with equipment at Krusmølle
  • You will be guided with an instructor
  • We plan a course based on your experience
  • Experience the South Jutland idyll at Krusmølle
  • price per hour

Price: 250,- per person

1 hour

Teambuilding på Krusmølle

Sailing in travalge

  • Large rowing boat where coordination is key
  • Sail in our idyllic garden lake
  • Opportunity to sail in Aabenraa Fjord with instructor
  • Requires good physique

Price on request

Min 15 people

Teambuilding på Krusmølle

Food course

  • A full day of creating exciting food together
  • We create recipe books with innovative dishes
  • You use our professional kitchen
  • You pick your own herbs in our vegetable garden
  • Possibility to eat over a campfire
  • Communal dining with all dishes to round off the meal

Price from 929,-

Min 15 people

Madkursus på Krusmølle
Bryllupsdag på Krusmølle

The possibilities are endless

Krusmølle is framed by spectacular nature, creating an enchanting backdrop for team activities and team building. Our picturesque outdoor spaces are perfect for activities where you can collaborate and bond under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature. The historic buildings and idyllic lake on site offer unique opportunities for team building exercises and photo shoots to capture moments of collaboration and community.

Let us
inspire you

We know no limits in our planning. We’ll guide you through the options for activities, whether it’s a single event or a full day of food, activities and ending with a big party in our party rooms.

Teambuilding at Krusmølle

Team building at Krusmølle offers a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to improve collaboration and strengthen relationships between colleagues. Located in beautiful South Jutland, Krusmølle combines breathtaking natural landscapes with state-of-the-art facilities, ideal for team building.

Facilities and Activities

Krusmølle shines with its blend of historical aesthetics and modern conveniences, providing a range of opportunities for team building exercises. Whether you’re looking for indoor activities like workshops, or outdoor adventures like 3-combat and action-packed activities, Krusmølle has it all. Customized activities ensure all team members get the most out of the experience.

Benefits of Teambuilding

Investing in team building at Krusmølle goes beyond simple employee entertainment. It’s a strategic effort that can improve communication, increase collaboration skills and boost overall morale. The activities are designed to not only be fun, but also to provide practical skills that guests can take back to the workplace.

Plan your next Teambuilding Event at Krusmølle

When planning your next team building event, Krusmølle offers everything you need to make it both memorable and effective. With tailored activity programs and full support along the way, Krusmølle is the perfect place to bring your team together and reach new heights together.