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Sankthans på Krusmølle


23 June | 17:45 - 22:00

🔥 Celebrate Midsummer with us under the stars! 🔥 Experience the magic of the height of midsummer at our Midsummer Party, where tradition meets celebration in an unforgettable gathering.

🌿 The evening begins with enchanting snacks accompanied by sparkling bubbles to create the perfect atmosphere for the evening’s adventure.

🌸 While we wait for the sunset, you’ll be treated to a welcome drink that brings a taste of the essence of summer. This small pre-meal is just the start of an evening where socializing and gastronomy go hand in hand.

🥩 As the evening light softens, the fire is lit and the grill becomes the center of attention. Our grill master will prepare a sumptuous buffet featuring everything from juicy steaks to green delicacies, all grilled to perfection.

🌽 Sides will consist of a range of seasonal salads and sides to complement the grilled delights, all prepared with locally grown ingredients to celebrate the freshness of summer.

🍰 The evening culminates with a heavenly dessert that ensures the party ends on a high note. Enjoy sweet temptations with freshly brewed coffee or tea as we reflect on the day’s experiences.

🔥 The highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the bonfire, a symbol of Midsummer and the summer solstice, around which we gather to sing traditional songs. This moment of community and tradition strengthens the bonds between us and reminds us of the longest day of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you to a midsummer celebration that not only marks the zenith of summer but also strengthens community through food and fun. Come and be part of this special event where every detail is carefully planned to ensure your Midsummer’s Eve is unforgettable.

Join the tradition and experience an evening where midsummer magic and the warmth of community light up the night. Let’s celebrate Midsummer together, this special time of year when we gather to celebrate the sun, summer, and togetherness.