Mrs. Loff's cafe

A tale and the history of krusmølles cafe

Experience the true Southern Jutland atmosphere at Fru Loff's Cafe

In scenic Southern Jutland, just a short drive from Aabenraa, a unique café experience awaits you at Krusmølle, home of the renowned Fru Loff’s Cafe. Our cafe is a true gem in the South Jutland countryside and is known for welcoming guests into an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. With a strong focus on preserving the authentic South Jutland atmosphere, our cafe is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of exquisite coffee or treat yourself to a delicious bite to eat.

cafe i Aabenraa

Enjoy Outstanding Coffee and Culinary Experiences

As one of the most popular cafés in Aabenraa and the surrounding area, we are proud to offer our guests a coffee experience out of the ordinary. Carefully selected for its exceptional quality and flavor profile, our specialty coffee from Tanzania is the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you like a classic espresso, a rich caffe latte or a refreshing iced coffee, our coffee bar will treat you to a coffee drink that hits the spot.

But our cafe isn’t just a place for coffee enthusiasts – it’s also a culinary paradise for food lovers. Our lunch menu is a celebration of the season’s best ingredients and offers everything from freshly made open sandwiches to delicious lunch platters that bring your taste buds to life. And if you have a sweet tooth, our selection of pastries from our own bakery can’t be recommended enough – every bite is pure heaven.

Weekends at Mrs. Loff's: Brunch and socializing

Weekends are special at Mrs. Loff’s Cafe. Gather friends or family for a relaxed brunch experience where good conversation and delicious food go hand in hand. Our brunch menu is carefully curated and includes everything from freshly baked bread, fruit, cheese, cold cuts and much more. And with our cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, our cafe is the perfect place to spend a weekend morning or afternoon.

cafe i Aabenraa
cafe i Aabenraa

Three Generations, One Tradition

Krusmølle and Mrs. Loff’s Cafe is more than just a cafe – it’s a family business that goes back three generations. Our dedicated team of owners and staff are passionate about continuing the South Jutland heritage and creating a unique café experience that both celebrates the past and embraces the future. With our combination of traditional values and innovative ideas, we strive to give our guests an unforgettable experience every time they visit us.

cafe i Aabenraa

Visit us in Aabenraa and experience true Hygge

If you’re looking for a cafe in Aabenraa that can offer you a true Southern Jutland atmosphere and unique gastronomic experiences, look no further than Fru Loff’s Cafe at Krusmølle. We look forward to welcoming you and taking you on a tasteful journey through Southern Jutland cuisine and coffee culture. Welcome to a world of coziness and flavors at Fru Loff’s Cafe.