Experience Sønderjysk Kagebord at Krusmølle

A guide to a South Jutland sweet tradition

Welcome to a sweet tradition

Welcome to Krusmølle, where we proudly carry on the tradition of the South Jutland cake table. Located in scenic Southern Jutland, our establishment specializes in offering an authentic and rich cake experience that appeals to locals and visitors alike. The South Jutland cake table is not just a collection of delicacies; it is a heartfelt celebration of the region’s cake culture, a true culinary feast that should not be missed.

Sønderjysk Kagebord

What is a Sønderjysk Kagebord?

The South Jutland cake table is a sumptuous tradition where up to 14 different kinds of cakes are served, divided into heavy and light varieties. Heavy cakes such as rich chocolate cake and moist cheesecake offer intense flavors, while light cakes such as fluffy layer cakes and delicate cookies offer a more subtle pleasure. This tradition holds a special place in the hearts of many Danes and is an art form that requires precision and creativity.

At Krusmølle, we make our own version of the Southern Jutland cake table. We don’t count whether there are 14 or 21 cakes – but you’re sure to be impressed.

Our large cake table menu

At Krusmølle, we have carefully crafted a menu that celebrates these traditions and introduces innovative interpretations of classic recipes. Our cake table includes everything from the nostalgic ‘Fedtkage’ to the seductive rye bread layer cake. Each recipe carefully selected to represent the very best in South Jutland cakes. Each cake is handmade by our in-house pastry chef with a focus on quality and taste, and our menu changes regularly to reflect the best ingredients of the season.

Krusmølle Selskabslokale - Kostalden

Ordering Sønderjysk Kagebord

To ensure the best experience, ordering our South Jutland cake table requires prior reservation for a minimum of 18 people. This allows us to prepare each element to perfection so that you and your guests can enjoy a genuine and unforgettable taste experience. Our cake table is ideal for special occasions or when you simply want to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special.

Of course, coffee and tea are available ad libitum throughout your cake party.

Sønderjysk Kagebord

The story behind the Sønderjysk Kagebord?

The cake table tradition in Southern Jutland is rich and colorful, with roots stretching back to festive occasions from ancient times. These cake tables were originally a way to show Danishness and unity, a tradition that we at Krusmølle cherish and continue.

During the German occupation of Southern Jutland, it was not allowed to hold Danish traditions, speak Danish or show you were Danish at any meeting.

The cake table was a symbol of exactly this behind closed curtains in the living rooms of Southern Jutland

Visit Krusmølle in scenic Southern Jutland

Curious to experience this unique piece of Danish culture? Visit us at Krusmølle, where we offer much more than just a meal. Our location surrounded by idyllic nature also makes it the perfect place for a day trip. Find all practical information about opening hours, how to find us and what to expect at the bottom of the page here.

We look forward to welcoming you.